"Our approach is founded on the combination of statistically validated patterns and years of human trading expertise"

In recent years, technological advance has swept through global markets, such that technology is now the core of the trading business.

Driven by this imperative, we have constructed an all-encompassing trading solution that reflects this technological paradigm.

Overlaid on this technological foundation, we have implemented a pure, scientific approach to trading that enables us to profit systematically from the market's volatility.

Interaction with the market is direct, automatic and without any human intervention. This eliminates the possibility of emotion or discretion adversely interfering with the statistically weighted analytical process used to build the models. This provides us with confidence that future performance will closely resemble the returns expected.

The models do not take account of macroeconomic events, but instead our approach is founded purely on the combination of statistically validated patterns and the years of human trading expertise from which these approaches have been distilled.